How to add Pixelmon, a Pokémon mod to Minecraft.(Pixelmon Generations)

I have added Pixelmon, a Pokémon mod, to Minecraft and will document the steps.

I also installed Pixelmon reforged at a later date.
As of October 2023, I think I will have more fun playing with reforged than with generations.

Comparison of generations vs. reforged.

Work Flow

  • Download pixelmon and check the supported version of Forge
  • Download and install Forge
  • Minecraft for Java Settings

Assuming that “Minecraft for Java" is already installed, proceed with the installation of Forge.

Java & Bedrock Edition for PC
created by Rinker

Download pixelmon and check the supported version of Forge

Open the following site

First, note the version of the FOREGE column (“1.12.2" in the picture). Then, click “DOWNLOAD" on the right side.

The page will change, and click “DOWNLOAD" to download the file.

Download and install Forge

※If you have already installed a supported version of Forge, this is not necessary.

Open the following site

From the list of versions on the left side of the screen, click the link for the version (1.12.2 in this case) that corresponds to the PixelMon version you have just noted, then click “Installer" on the right side to download the file.

Double-click on “forge-xxxxxxxx-installer" in the “Downloads" folder.

Click OK on the screen that appears.

When the message “successfully~" is displayed, installation of Forge is complete.

Minecraft for Java Settings

Forge Settings

Type “minecraft launcher" in the “Start Menu" to launch Minecraft Launcher.

Click on “MINECRAFT: Java Edition" and click on “Launch Configuration".

Click on “Create New.

In “Name," enter a name you like that is easy to recognize.

For “Version," select the version you want to use (in this case, “release 1.12.2-forge-"). Entering the number of the version you are looking for, as shown in the image, will narrow down the choices and make it easier to find.

For “game directory," click “Browse," then “Create New Folder," and name it whatever you like (“.minecraft_pixelmon" in the picture)

When you have finished entering the information, click “Create" in the lower right corner of the screen.

You will be returned to the list screen, click “Play" and wait for a while.

A warning text will appear, and if the content is okay, click “Play.

If you see the word “Forge" in the lower left corner of the startup screen, you’re good to go.


Launch “Minecraft Launcher" again and click on “Launch Configuration".

Click on the button with the “folder" icon on the right.

Explorer will launch, open the “.minecraft_pixelmon" folder you just created, and open the “mods" folder inside it.

In the “mods" folder, copy the “Pixelmon" file you just downloaded.

Return to the list and click on “Play.

game start

Once activated, click on the “Mods" button,

If “Pixacelmon" is displayed, OK.

When you start the game, you are taken to a screen where you select a Pokémon.
Pokémon also appear in the field.


This was my first time installing a mod, and it is quite complicated to do. It may be quite difficult for those who are not familiar with computers.

※ Later, I also installed Pixelmon reforged.

Comparison of generations vs. reforged.

Java & Bedrock Edition for PC
created by Rinker